Green Bay's place in the wild-card race

ESPN.com has put together a nice page of playoff scenarios, and it tells us that Green Bay would play at Arizona in the NFC wild-card round if the season ended now.

But the Packers have five games remaining in their season, including Monday night’s matchup against Baltimore, and much is left to be decided. Here’s what we can tell you at this point: Green Bay is in a three-team race for two wild-card spots.

With Atlanta (6-6) fading, the Packers are competing most intensely with two NFC East teams. That tightening division race makes it difficult to know whether Dallas (8-4), Philadelphia (8-4) or the New York Giants (7-5) will win the title. But the remaining two teams are currently the Packers’ chief competitors.

Green Bay can maintain a one-game lead over the Giants with a victory Monday night. The Giants-Eagles matchup next Sunday night virtually ensures that one of those teams will take a loss in Week 14.

Below is how the teams rank as of Monday morning. The Eagles technically have the No. 5 spot because their conference record is 7-2, one game better than Green Bay at 6-3.

NFC wild-card race

1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-4)

2. Green Bay Packers (7-4)

3. New York Giants (7-5)

4. Atlanta Falcons (6-6)