Touchdowns and interceptions (and more)

As an addendum to Thursday’s Air and Space post, we should probably point out a stark quarterback dichotomy in the NFC North.

We already know that we have the NFL’s two most proficient quarterbacks in terms of touchdown-interception discrepancy through 12 games. Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers are the only quarterbacks with 25 or more touchdowns and seven or less interceptions this season.

We also have the NFL’s two most interception-prone quarterbacks. Chicago’s Jay Cutler and Detroit’s Matthew Stafford are tied for the league lead with 20. Here is that dubious ranking:

1. Jay Cutler (20 in 12 games)

1. Matthew Stafford (20 in 10 games)

3. Jake Delhomme (18 in 11 games)

4. Mark Sanchez (17 in 12 games)

Feel free to put this post in the “It Only Matters to the Blogger” file. But I’m the blogger in question, and I thought it was interesting. So there.