Black and Blue all over: Favre to speak

Barring a change in his weekly routine, Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre will give his weekly news conference Wednesday afternoon at about 1:15 p.m. ET. I’m guessing he’ll take a question or two about his relationship with coach Brad Childress, a national topic of debate ever since he revealed Sunday night that Childress wanted to take him out of a 7-6 game in the third quarter at Carolina.

Update: Here is a news analysis from ESPN's Ed Werder, who reports Favre and Childress are mostly at odds over the level to which Favre audibles during games. I can tell you from experience that this has been an issue for several other quarterbacks who have played for Childress in Minnesota.

As Tom Powers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press suggests, Childress and Favre are similarly stubborn and need to find some common ground for at least the next several weeks. Powers writes:

“It isn't anything that can't be cured by six tubes of liniment and some time off for Favre, who is old, beat up and cranky. And Childress might want to have himself checked for obsessive-compulsive disorder because he doesn't cope with change very well. No coach should pop a blood vessel every time an audible backfires.”

I’ll be in attendance, as you might imagine, and will report back as soon as I can. You can also check our NFL page if a news story is warranted.

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