Holmgren will consider Packers' McKenzie

New Cleveland president Mike Holmgren spoke highly Monday of a Green Bay executive who could be on his list of candidates to be the Browns’ new general manager.

Speaking with Cleveland-area reporters, Holmgren said that Reggie McKenzie, one of the Packers’ directors of football operations, could be a candidate. Another possibility is John Schneider, the Packers’ other director of football operations.

Asked specifically if he would interview McKenzie as part of the NFL’s requirement to consider minority candidates for such jobs, Holmgren said: “I think Reggie McKenzie is a good man and a good friend. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I think I have made a lot of good friends and know a lot of good people in this league. By rule, we really can’t get started on any of this stuff until the final regular season game. At which point, obviously we will comply with the ‘Rooney Rule’ and interview African-American candidates as part of the process. … Reggie would certainly be in that category.”

Holmgren made clear he hasn’t yet spoken with McKenzie or any other candidate for the job. Another Packers executive whose name has been mentioned prominently is director of football operations John Schneider.