Sharper wins a ring

MIAMI -- Darren Sharper played in the Super Bowl as a rookie in 1997 -- “and I figured I would be back many, many times,” he said.

“Many” turned out to be once and it came 13 seasons later. But finally, the former Green Bay and Minnesota safety can call himself a Super Bowl champion after New Orleans’ 31-17 victory Sunday night over Indianapolis.

“It feels great,” Sharper said. “This is what all the work is for, to get to this point. This is why you hang around for 13 years after making it to this game as a rookie, to win this game. I’m going to make sure I enjoy this.”

Sharper’s contract expires after this season, but at 34, he appears to have every intention of playing in 2010. All he would say about his future is this: “I don’t think I have another 13 years left in me.”

I have a feeling he has at least one more.