How to handle traded players in fantasy baseball as the deadline approaches

How to assess pitcher trades in fantasy (0:44)

With the trade deadline around the corner, AJ Mass explains why the divisions matter so much when it comes to pitching. (0:44)

There are going to be a lot of players changing clubhouses over the next week, as the trade deadline approaches and teams with dreams of post-season glory attempt to wheel and deal their way into the best possible position prior to pesky waiver rules kicking in at the start of August. There may even be a few deals finalized while you're reading this column. Such are the hectic baseball times we live in each July.

In terms of fantasy owners, reassessing your own rosters in the wake of these late-July deals is always a difficult task, to be sure. You have to factor in changes in roles and playing time, as well as differences in a player's lineup, league and ballpark -- and oftentimes, until you see it play out, you still don't have any true idea of whether or not your now-traded player is in a better or worse situation.