Black and Blue all over: A couple of byes

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

We’re making a quick turnaround into Week 5 for two Black and Blue teams. Minnesota and Detroit will be back at work Wednesday to begin preparations for Sunday’s games, although Vikings coach Brad Childress has lightened up his team’s practice load and pushed it back to late afternoon to give players more time to recover from Monday night’s game.

Chicago and the Green Bay, meanwhile, are both in their bye week. It’s a little earlier than the ideal scenario, but both teams will make good use of it. The Bears have several injured players who will have an extra week to heal, including receiver Devin Hester and linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer. And the Packers will have time to address a number of disturbing trends that have surfaced over the first month of the season.

I’ll take a look at each team’s situation at the bye later this week. For now, let’s go for a spin around the division: