NFC North: Fantasy Weekend's experts take a look in this video at the fantasy impact on Chicago Bears tailback Matt Forte with the arrival of backup Michael Bush. Matthew Berry makes an important point: Forte hasn't been a big goal-line producer in his career, so if Bush takes over that role, there won't be a big fantasy shift. But here is something else to consider: Will Forte continue to get as many touches as he did in his first four seasons given the way the Bears have rebuilt their offense around quarterback Jay Cutler?

In this video, our fantasy experts have what I thought was a really interesting discussion about the increased value of elite quarterbacks in fantasy leagues. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is among the safest picks in a fantasy draft, even if running backs can potentially generate more points.

Would fantasy owners be wise to assume that Brandon Marshall is certain to have another 100-catch season in 2012, as many think is possible now that he has reunited with quarterback Jay Cutler with the Chicago Bears? Some of our fantasy analysts express doubts in the video.

Green Bay Packers receiver Jordy Nelson shocked fantasy owners last season with 15 touchdowns. In the video, experts analyze how likely it is that Nelson could approach his 2011 scoring totals.