Mock 4.0 from Kiper/McShay

With the draft two weeks and a day away (!), ESPN analysts Mel Kiper and Todd McShay gave us their latest take on the first round. You'll need an Insider subscription to view all 32 picks, but I have the distinct privilege of bringing you everything NFC North-related:

Detroit Lions (No. 2)

Kiper: Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh

McShay: Suh

Seifert comment: The Lions can't avoid taking the best player in the draft.

Green Bay Packers (No. 23)

Kiper: Idaho guard Mike Iupati

McShay: USC tackle Charles Brown

Seifert comment: A bit high to take a guard, but Iupati is a monster. Kiper is not a big Brown fan, but he is in the minority on that opinion.

Minnesota Vikings (No. 30)

Kiper: USC safety Taylor Mays

McShay: Alabama cornerback Kareem Jackson

Seifert comment: All things equal, I would prefer a cornerback over a safety here. But used correctly, Mays could be special.