Name that defense

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- As part of a post I’m working on Tuesday, I asked Minnesota coach Brad Childress to identify the style of defense his team plays. We know that defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has based much of it on the so-called Tampa-2 scheme, but he also mixes in some elements of the “46” scheme he played in while with Chicago in the 1980’s.

Childress bristled at the question.

“You want to put it in the box somewhere,” he said. “Well, I don’t have one, so you have to find those adjectives yourself.”

So I’ll open the challenge up to you, dear readers. Help me come up with a name that relates to the style of defense the Vikings have played this season. I’ll choose one and incorporate it into a Tuesday post.

(And no, “The Best Defense Money Can Buy” most definitely would NOT count.)

Fire away.