Lions want it known they are negotiating with Curry

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert

Hi there. Hope you've had an outstanding Saturday evening. Just wanted to pass along the big news out of Detroit's minicamp on Saturday: Multiple media outlets noticed the agents for Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry in attendance at practice.

The Lions have said they would enter negotiations with multiple candidates for the No. 1 overall pick with the goal of having one signed before the April 25 draft begins. Curry is one of three primary contenders, along with former Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford and former Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith.

There really is only one thing to conclude: The Lions wanted the agents -- Andy Ross and Michael Sullivan -- to be seen. Ross and Sullivan could have met with team president Tom Lewand most anywhere in the Lions' facility and enjoyed relative privacy. Taking them out to the practice field, where the media was watching minicamp, almost certainly wasn't an oversight.

So why would the Lions want it known they were meeting with Curry's agents? One possibility is they want the CAA agency -- which represents both Stafford and Smith -- to believe they are serious about considering multiple options. The possibility of drafting Curry is the best leverage the Lions have in negotiations with Stafford, especially.

We should talk later this week about Stafford and Smith having the same representation and how that is impacting negotiations. But for now, I think it's safe to say that talks are heating up.