NFC North: Pants on the Ground

NEW ORLEANS -- Apparently Brett Favre’s rendition of “Pants on the Ground” last Sunday wasn’t good enough. Minnesota officials flew in the original American Idol singer, a man by the name of General Larry Platt, to perform the song in a team meeting Sunday.

Don’t believe me? Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie, currently the best beat reporter covering the team, revealed it in his Twitter page. Follow this link, which takes you to another link of McKinnie’s grainy cell phone video of the performance. Tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, meanwhile, tweeted this picture. Finally, here is another twitpic from receiver Bernard Berrian.

I hate to read too much into this, but I think it’s at least marginally interesting that the Vikings brought in Platt for their meeting while New Orleans had Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott speak at theirs, according to ESPN's Rachel Nichols. A slightly disparate approach, to say the least.
Thanks to a conversation over on our electric Facebook page, I can bring you a different view of Brett Favre’s now-infamous rendition of “Pants on the Ground.” caught a clear, front-side version of the little ditty. Click here to watch it. You can hear Favre say that receiver Percy Harvin put him up to the stunt. Oh, and pay special attention to Jared Allen’s reaction when Favre applies a violent smack to his backside.

Last time I checked “Favre Pants on the Ground” was rated “Volcanic” on Google Trends. Does it get any better than that?