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BOURBONNAIS, Ill. -- By all accounts, Green Bay Packers defensive back Charles Woodson is fully on board with a nuanced position change that could give him more opportunities to make big plays this season.
Woodson via Jason Wilde of "I think it can in situations where I'm able to kind of roam a little bit and help out. It's different from corner, where you're usually worried about a particular receiver and how he can threaten you as a corner. As a safety, you get to move around a little bit more and show different looks and not have that responsibility of just having one guy. It will be fun to play more safety. I'm getting a lot more of the calls as a safety. I'm used to being out at corner and seeing plays from that angle. To be able to play at safety and really, really, really understand the play even more, I think will play to my advantage."

And while there has been no obvious dilution of his play as he gets older, this move can certainly be viewed as a career extender.

"At 35, in this league, they try to find ways to get you out of the NFL," Woodson said, "but the Packers have continued to increase my workload, which is great. I'm looking forward to writing a new chapter in my book."

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How big of an impact will Julius Peppers make on the Chicago Bears this season?

How about Michael Strahan big?

That's right. Hope springs eternal in NFL training camps, and so it appears Peppers isn't shying away from questions about breaking Strahan's single-season record for sacks (22.5). Bears general manager Jerry Angelo recently said he was looking for an "MVP year" from the newly signed free agent, and when asked if the record is out of reach, here's what Peppers told Michael Wright of

"I don't think so. I'm not gonna sit here and say I'm shooting for it. I'm not gonna say that I'm not shooting for it, either. It's been done before, and can be done again. That's what records are there for ... to be broken."

Peppers' career-high sack total came in 2008, when he notched 14.5. We'll see.

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