Vikings get a visitor: Brett Favre


MINNEAPOLIS -- #FavreWatch!

Well, not really. But you know how we at the Worldwide Leader loved that hashtag back in the good old days. It probably still gets NFC North blogger emeritus Kevin Seifert all tingly inside.

In reality, there's nothing sinister, or all that eventful, going on with Brett Favre, but the Silver Fox did pay a visit to the Vikings' facility on Friday, to say hello to a couple old teammates and friends. In the process, he did provide a thrill for a couple of young Vikings receivers, one of which (Charles Johnson) followed Favre's path from Green Bay to Minnesota.

The word from Winter Park is, this was just a casual visit while Favre was in town. To take care of any and all conspiracy theories: No, he's not mentoring Teddy Bridgewater. No, he's not trying to broker a deal between the Vikings and Adrian Peterson. And no, he's not planning to unseat Shaun Hill as the backup quarterback.

(Although, come to think of it, he probably can still sling it. Should we start the stakeout?)