Mandarich: I was never sober in Green Bay

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
I suppose we could make a few jokes about that headline if this were a light-hearted story. But there's not much to laugh about in this piece written by ESPN producer Kory Kozak. In it, Mandarich not only details his steroid use in college but also an addiction to painkillers that extended well into his career with the Packers.

Mandarich admits to injecting himself with painkillers six or seven times a day, sometimes after storing a bottle and syringe in his jockstrap during practice. When he needed to, Mandarich would race to the bathroom, lock the door and inject himself before running back onto the field. If this story has been told before, I don't remember seeing it. Here's the key quote:

"I spent four years in Green Bay and never [had] a sober day. Every day I was ever in Green Bay I was not sober."

Kozak's story is part of an ESPN video package set to run Sunday morning on SportsCenter. Mandarich also apologizes for some of the nastier things he said about playing in Green Bay prior to the Packers drafting him with the No. 2 overall pick of the 1989 draft.

Mandarich: "I had said even before the draft that I did not want to get drafted by the Packers. I didn't want to play in a small market. I called Green Bay a village. Some of the stuff I said, when I look back now, is just embarrassing."