Another step in StarCaps case

Don’t know if this will resolve it, but we’re at least on the verge of seeing the next move in the StarCaps case, which has been going on since 2008.

A judge in Minnesota is expected to decide Thursday if the NFL violated state drug-testing laws when it suspended Vikings Pat Williams and Kevin Williams. They’ve never served those suspensions because the case has been hung up in the legal system.

The New Orleans Saints will be watching the outcome of this one closely as they have with every step of the StarCaps saga. Defensive end Will Smith also was facing a four-game suspension, but the NFL has held off on enforcing that while the case goes through the legal system. If the judge rules in favor of the NFL, it could lead to Smith being suspended for four games this season.

The Saints have braced themselves for that possibility by signing veteran defensive ends Alex Brown and Jimmy Wilkerson as free agents. Former New Orleans players Charles Grant and Deuce McAllister also were initially involved in this and reportedly tested positive for banned supplements. McAllister since has retired. The Saints released Grant after last season, but he could still face a suspension if he signs with another team.