Live from 'The Branch'

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- I just arrived at the Atlanta Falcons practice facility, which, in my eyes, is the nicest in the NFC South.

That’s not a knock on the other facilities at all. Tampa Bay’s is state of the art and the flashiest facility in the NFC South. Carolina’s is perfectly set up with the locker room and offices inside Bank of America Stadium and the practice fields right outside. New Orleans’ facility is a bit older, but it has all the upgrades, including an indoor practice bubble.

What sets Atlanta’s facility apart isn’t so much the practice fields or weight rooms. It’s the location and the atmosphere. This facility is just off the shores of Lake Lanier and you can actually get a breeze here. It’s also in an area that probably still qualifies as remote, but is getting closer to being suburban every time I visit. There aren’t many distractions out here and that allows the Falcons to concentrate fully on football.

I’m about to head out to Atlanta's first minicamp practice. I’ll be back in a few hours with an update on what takes place on the field. Also, there will be no NFC South chat this week because I’ll be in the middle of interviews at the time we usually do the chat.