Vikings fire back at Sharper

NFC North colleague Kevin Seifert has an item on reaction by the Minnesota Vikings to New Orleans safety Darren Sharper saying Brett Favre’s surgically-repaired ankle is a target for the Saints in the regular-season opener.

Minnesota tight end Visanthe Shiancoe said that Sharper’s knee surgery also provides the Vikings with a target. That’s a valid point. But I’m not sure it’s wise for Sharper or the Vikings to get too worked up about this issue in May.

The start of the season is a long way off. Besides, I’m thinking there’s a very good chance Sharper won’t even be in the starting lineup for that game. Malcolm Jenkins was getting the first-team work at free safety on Thursday.

I know this might not sit well with Sharper’s fan club in New Orleans, and that’s understandable because the guy was a huge contributor as the Saints won the Super Bowl. But he also is 34. Jenkins was a first-round draft pick last year and the Saints want to get him on the field.