Bucs adding to Ring of Honor

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will hold a news conference Wednesday to announce who this year’s addition to the Ring of Honor will be. They’re not saying who it will be and that’s a smart move because it creates a little intrigue for a franchise that needs anything positive it can get.

Last year, the Bucs made Lee Roy Selmon the first person to receive the honor and that was a no-brainer because he was the first Hall of Famer in franchise history -- and Derrick Brooks still was holding on to the illusion that he could play.

This year’s choice isn’t nearly as clear. I want to say Brooks because he’s the best player in franchise and NFC South history and a certain Hall of Famer. But I’m not sure that’s going to happen because I think the Bucs might want to work their way through their history a little more gradually. In other words, if Brooks is going to have to wait, so will guys like Warren Sapp, John Lynch, Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden and Mike Alstott.

So I’m guessing on someone from the more distant past. I think it’s safe to rule out Doug Williams, who just had a rather unpleasant parting as a member of the front office. Besides, Williams kind of rained on Selmon’s parade last year. When the Bucs asked Williams to talk to the media about Selmon, he barely mentioned the defensive tackle's name and, instead, focused his talk on himself and the rest of the 1979 team.

I think you might see someone like initial Tampa Bay coach John McKay, former running back Ricky Bell, offensive tackle Paul Gruber or linebacker Hardy Nickerson get the honor this year. Oh wait, I almost forgot former tight end Tyji Armstrong. You can't rule him out because of his many contributions on -- and off -- the field.