Payton expects more rings for Saints

The New Orleans Saints got their Super Bowl rings Wednesday night and you can see a picture of the jewelry right here.

It looks and sounds as if there are a lot of diamonds on those rings. There are 44 around the edges to commemorate the number of the Super Bowl. In another spot, there are another 16 diamonds to commemorate the 16 wins (13 in the regular season and three in the postseason) the Saints collected last year.

They did things right, including Deuce McAllister, who played only a symbolic role last year, and several players who have moved on to other teams. And running back Pierre Thomas, who’d been staying away from the team in a contract dispute, also showed up to pick up his ring.

The event wasn’t open to the public, but a lot of Saints mingled with fans outside after the event and showed off their rings.

Coach Sean Payton, who is always full of confidence and motivational messages for the team, said he doesn’t expect this to be the last ring for the Saints.

"Here's why: When you start feeding your dogs steak, they don't ever want to eat dog food again," Payton said, grinning. "We've been eating too much steak."