Breaking down Delhomme's disaster

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

We all know Carolina's Jake Delhomme had a terrible game Saturday night in the loss to the Cardinals. Now, with lots of help from ESPN Stats & Information, let's look at just how bad it was and break it down.

Delhomme was dreadful in second-down situations.

Next, let's remember that Delhomme didn't start off badly. He was effective in the first quarter, before Carolina's coaching staff -- for whatever reason -- decided to stay away from the running game and put the game in Delhomme's hands.

It didn't really matter if Delhomme was throwing short or long. He wasn't able to do either effectively.

Finally, where Delhomme was throwing also tells an interesting tale. He was dismal going over the middle (gee, might it be time for the Panthers to get a real pass-catching tight end?) and three of his interceptions came when he was throwing to the right side. But there actually was one positive for Delhomme. If the Panthers had thrown only to the left side, he might have had a decent game.