Edwards not totally perfect fit for Carolina

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

As we've pointed out already, Kansas City's firing of coach Herm Edwards generates instant speculation about him ending up with Carolina.

After all, the Panthers have a vacancy at defensive coordinator and Edwards has a history with coach John Fox. They played in the same defensive backfield for San Diego State.

It would be a logical fit on many levels. But, on one other level, it wouldn't be a good fit at all. This likely wouldn't be a deal-breaker, but Edwards and Fox have one very big difference. Edwards loves the media and is one of the most-open and quotable coaches to ever come through the league. Although Fox isn't generally unpleasant, he says almost nothing to the media.

Again, I don't think that would stop the possibility of this pairing. But having an extremely talkative assistant coach who used to be a head coach might make things a little awkward. At very least, Fox and Edwards would have to discuss how Edwards would handle a lower profile.

Although, after dealing with the pressure of being a head coach (for the Jets and Chiefs), Edwards might welcome a chance to simply get back to coaching and staying out of the spotlight.

By the way, don't expect an immediate resolution on Carolina's open spot. The Panthers still are in a bit of shock after the mass exodus of their defensive coaching staff and are going through the list of possible candidates. Edwards could join that list and we're told Jim Haslett also is a possibility.