The NFC South polls are closed

The voting for the beloved and disliked figures for all four NFC South teams is now over.

I’m about to ship the final batch of ballots off to intern Kevin Little, who will spend his holiday weekend calculating the final results. We in Florida have a reputation for being a little controversial when counting votes. But we’re going to break that trend. Kevin is following the rules closely and counting every ballot that met the criteria.

That means the votes that came in for Rae Carruth as Carolina’s disliked figure aren’t going to count because we declared up front that his troubles went beyond football and made him off limits. Kevin’s also tossed aside the ballot for the beloved and disliked figures for LSU football, although Kevin and I appreciated the effort and passion.

Anyway, if the counting goes as planned, I hope to announce the winners next week. I’m hoping for Tuesday or Wednesday. We’ll do posts for each team and will include some of the comments you sent along to explain your votes.

Thanks to all who participated.