Beloved/disliked: Atlanta Falcons

Here are the results of your voting for the most beloved and disliked figures in the history of the Atlanta Falcons.

TuggleBeloved figure: Jessie Tuggle.

Reader comment: "My vote for most beloved would belong to Jessie Tuggle, who floored me with his drive, his talent, and his spirit." -- James, Atlanta, Ga.

Runner-up: Arthur Blank. This was a pretty close race, with Tuggle edging out the owner by fewer than 10 votes.

PetrinoDisliked figure: Bobby Petrino

Reader comment: "My most disliked individual, Bobby Petrino. The reason for my vote is simply you never quit, no matter how bad something looks, it’s just the worst thing one can do while playing organized sports." -- Chris, Tulsa, Okla.

Runner-up: Michael Vick. These two dominated the voting in this category, but Petrino received more than double the amount of votes Vick did.