On the road to New Orleans

I’m getting ready to begin the trek to New Orleans for Thursday night’s opener against the Vikings.

I’ll check back in after I get settled in New Orleans, but some things you should be aware of in the meantime.

A little bit later today, John Clayton and I will finish the Great Debate series. That feature will pop up on the blog soon and I think you already know who’s taking what side in the debate on whether the Saints can repeat as Super Bowl champions. I’m the guy who already has picked the Saints to win the Super Bowl and Clayton’s the one who has New Orleans ranked No. 5 in ESPN.com’s Power Rankings.

Along those same lines, you also might want to check out Bill Barnwell’s analysisInsider on this topic. Much like Clayton, he’s saying the Saints face a hard road.

One other programming note. We will not be holding the regular NFC South chat on Friday. That’s because I’ll be en route to Pittsburgh for Sunday’s game between the Falcons and Steelers. However, NFC North colleague Kevin Seifert and I will be chatting live during Thursday night’s game. I’ll post an item with the link to that Thursday afternoon.