Mailbag: New Orleans Saints edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

The New Orleans Saints are next on our team-by-team mailbag tour.

Nat in Washington DC writes: Any idea if the Saints are working to restructure Charles Grant and Will Smiths contracts? They both receive quite a bit of money from the team, but haven't shown a ton of productivity. Wouldn't restructuring their contracts free up some much needed cap space to pursue Sharper, Springs, Greer, or whoever else is still out there?

Pat Yasinskas: I think Charles Grant and Will Smith could be candidates for restructuring, but that isn't necessarily related to their production. Restructuring the contracts of high-priced veterans is a common practice and players aren't usually taking pay cuts when that happens. In fact, they're getting more money immediately because their future salary is being converted into bonus money that they receive right away.

Cory in Dallas,TX writes: My cell phone and email have been flooded by my fiends in Louisiana about LT coming to the Saints. Multiple site has it at "possible"... I dont know what to beleive anymore when it comes to these kinds of rumors...think they are comical sometimes... Please see what you can find out for me and post something to calm all of us Saints fans down...

Pat Yasinskas: Just a rumor or maybe even wishful thinking, as far as I can tell. If I'm the Saints, I'm worrying about the defense and not trying to figure out how to get LaDainian Tomlinson.

Aaron in parts unknown writes: Do yo think the saints should part ways with mike McKenzie?

Pat Yasinskas: I say restructure McKenzie's contract and hold on to him. When healthy, he's a good player and a locker room leader. I read an interview in the New Orleans Times Picayune recently where McKenzie said his rehab from injury is going well. I say keep him around to help develop some of the other defensive backs. There are going to be some new faces in that defensive backfield (stay tuned in free agency and through the draft) and it makes sense to have McKenzie help ease that transition.