Drew Brees shining in shotgun formation

Let’s continue the flow of great stuff from ESPN Stats & Information with some numbers on Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints that I think are pretty interesting.

There’s been a lot of talk about how the Saints haven’t been as productive offensively as they were last year. No argument here. However, there’s one area where Brees and the Saints are really shining.

That’s when they use the shotgun formation, where Brees has a league-best 119.4 passer rating. He also has thrown all seven of his touchdowns (and just one interception) out of that formation. Brees also is averaging 7.7 yards per attempt when the Saints throw out of the shotgun formation.

For comparison, let’s take a look at what Brees has done when lining up under center. His passer rating dips to 78.8. He hasn’t thrown a touchdown and has been intercepted once. He also is averaging 6.2 yards per attempt.

It would be easy to say the Saints should line up in the formation more often. But they’re already doing that. They have attempted 58 percent of their passes out of the shotgun formation. Last year, they threw 53 percent of their passes out of the shotgun formation.