Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

I generally do a mailbag to run on Saturdays while I’m traveling. I’ll be on the road to Philadelphia, but we’re going to throw a slight curveball Saturday morning.

Since I didn’t get a chance to post highlights and the full transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat, I’m going to do it now. The chat and the mailbag essentially are the same thing, although the chat goes at a much faster pace.

Here are some highlights:

Matt (JMU): What's the deal with Myron Lewis. Is he gonna see any playing time this year or is he really struggling that bad. There was talk about him maybe stepping in as the nickel db and I have not heard his name once.

Pat Yasinskas: Not sure why, but I've been getting bombed with Myron Lewis questions lately. Let's look at the facts. The Bucs have two very good starting CBs and two backups that aren't bad. Lewis is a rookie and a mid-round choice. He wasn't supposed to come in and start right away. They're bringing him along slowly. The view him as the future replacement for Ronde (Barber). But that's down the road.

Ray (Orlando): Pat, do you think Devin Thomas will have at least some success in Carolina? He seemed to have some potential in Washington.

Pat Yasinskas: He's just a guy. But, heck, he might get a chance in Carolina, since they don't have much else.

Gur (Nottingham, UK): Hey Pat, great blog! A lot is (rightfully) being made about Josh Freeman's development between his first and second seasons, but what's your take on Raheem's development as an HC since last year? Also, will a win on Sunday secure Raheem's job?

Pat Yasinskas: Good question. Raheem's grown up almost as much as Freeman. His job's already secure. Year 2 of a rebuilding process is about showing progress. He's already doing that. As long as Bucs don't totally fall apart and take a big step back, Raheem's safe.

Clay (Charlotte): How bad does it have to get before (Marty) Hurney gets the heave-ho after the season too?

Pat Yasinskas: Honestly, I think Hurney survives and gets to pick the new coach. I think the owner remains high on Hurney.

molly (new Orleans): hey pat, love the blog. do you think Julius Jones still has enough gas left in the tank to make a difference in the New Orleans run game? He hasn't been productive in recent years.

Pat Yasinskas: They're rolling the dice there. But, hey, they don't have many other options right now.

Jeff (Huntsville): You need to tell Mike Sando to replace Matt Ryan with Roddy White on his MVP Watch. As you mentioned in before Roddy has definitely been the MVP of the Falcon's so far this year.

Pat Yasinskas: Consider it done. I'll get in Sando's ear after we finish the chat.