Fox on Peppers: 'Let system play out'

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

After staying quiet through most of the offseason, Carolina Panthers coach John Fox finally had to talk about the situation with disgruntled defensive end Julius Peppers at the breakfast for NFC coaches at the owners' meeting on Wednesday morning.

Fox, who usually is more relaxed this time of year than in his in-season media briefings, stuck with the company line that the Panthers want to keep Peppers, even though he's asked for a trade. Fox said he'd have no problem with Peppers staying with the team. But Fox also admitted this situation isn't over.

"Let the system play out," Fox said to the media in California. "I can't lean one way or the other. …We'll see how it works out."

Stay tuned on this because it probably isn't going to play out any time soon. My guess? Some time right before -- or during -- the NFL draft, Peppers will be traded for multiple draft picks, including a first-round choice.