Morris: Bucs not a finished product

TAMPA, Fla. -- It’s been nearly two weeks since coach Raheem Morris declared the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the best team in the National Football Conference.

That’s been getting a lot of play in the Atlanta media this week, partly because the Falcons had their bye and there wasn’t a lot of media access. But, even in the Tampa Bay media, Morris is still having to talk about his comments.

He’s clarified several times and his basic theme is that he wants to give his young team confidence. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The topic came up again a few minutes ago when Morris met with the Tampa Bay media and I think he put another nice -- and fitting -- layer on it.

“We’re not a finished product yet,’’ Morris said. “Do we believe we can be the best and play with the best? Yes.’’

Again, there’s nothing wrong with having an attitude and setting a tone like that. Are the Bucs the best team in the NFC? Probably not, right now and they might need another offseason to fully get their overall talent level up to an elite level.

But, sometimes, if you keep hearing the message that you’re the best, you end up becoming that.