Your turn to mock NFC South picks

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Since it seems like everyone else in the world is doing some sort of mock draft, I'd like to hear what you think. Let's do an NFC South mock draft for readers.

Here's the plan. Starting now and ending Friday morning, let's use my mailbox as a ballot box. Send me your pick for your favorite NFC South team or all four of them. We'll do it only for the top pick for each team.

Please start it with "The Falcons (or your team of choice) should take (fill in the blank)'' and give me a reason or two. I'll tabulate the results and post a consensus for each team on this blog along with some of your reasoning.

A few guidelines to follow, since we're only mocking the four NFC South teams. Please try to be realistic about who will be on the board when your team picks. In other words, let's not have Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford falling into the teens.

Also, to keep this from getting too complicated, let's keep the teams where they're scheduled to pick. That means no trade projections. Yes, something could happen before or during the draft. But for the moment, let's go with the Saints at No. 14, the Bucs at No. 19, the Falcons at No. 24 and the Panthers at No. 59.

I'll post your consensus pick for each team Friday afternoon.