Gonzalez already fitting well with Falcons

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas
I'm scheduled to make a quick appearance (via telephone) on NFL Live later today to talk about how Tony Gonzalez is fitting in with the Atlanta Falcons.

I'll share a preview of what I'm going to say with you now. Gonzalez is fitting in perfectly and that's no surprise. The veteran tight end is one of the most gregarious players in the league and always was a popular locker-room figure in Kansas City.

That's all transferring over quite seamlessly to Atlanta. I've talked to several people within the organization and they all say Gonzalez is adjusting very well to his new teammates. He hasn't had much field time with them yet, but that will change Friday when the Falcons begin a minicamp.

In the brief time since Gonzalez was traded to the Falcons, he's been taking part in the conditioning program and has blended well with his teammates, particularly quarterback Matt Ryan. They already have struck up a working relationship and a friendship.

No big surprise there because Ryan and Gonzalez are both pros and outgoing guys. Ryan quickly developed a good chemistry with receivers Roddy White and Michael Jenkins last year and that paid off. That process should be even smoother with Gonzalez.