Drew Brees: Season not a failure

One of the things I like best about New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees is his ability to look at things and clearly see them as they are.

While Brees admitted he’s disappointed with Saturday’s first-round playoff loss to Seattle, he has a pretty good perspective on the overall season for the Saints in this interview with XX Sports Radio in San Diego.

“I wouldn’t say that this season is a failure, because look at the last 10 teams that have won Super Bowls,’’ Brees said. “Half of them haven’t even gone back to the playoffs the next year.’’

The Saints did make it back to the playoffs. In an 11-5 regular season, the Saints never really caved into the “curse’’ that’s hit so many Super Bowl champions. They won some big games along the way and they did it despite injuries. I think the real test for this team is still in the future.

The Saints have 28 potential free agents and they have some decisions to make on some high-priced veterans like Reggie Bush and Jeremy Shockey. They also need to take a close look at a defense that collapsed against Seattle.

In the interview, Brees also was asked to pick the two Super Bowl teams. He sort of picked three. He said New England would represent the AFC. In the NFC, Brees said it will be either Atlanta or Green Bay.