Some quick NFC South trivia

I’m going to throw a trivia question at you that was spawned as I spent part of the last week working on a story that is scheduled to appear Wednesday morning.

No cheating and looking things up. Just think through the rosters of each team and tell me how many guys there are, at this moment, who are on NFC South rosters and have been on NFC South rosters since the division was created in 2002.

I’ll give you one little clue: There are six guys who fit that profile. I’ll give you one other clue: Two teams have one guy each and the other two have one each.

Heck, I’m feeling generous, so I’ll throw you one more: One of these guys has played for two NFC South teams, transitioning straight from one division team to another and never leaving the division since its formation.

All right, time’s up. Do you have your answers?

Here’s the list, Carolina’s John Kasay and Steve Smith; New Orleans’ Jason Kyle, who played for the Panthers before leaving for the Saints in 2009; Tampa Bay’s Ronde Barber; Atlanta’s Brian Finneran and Todd McClure.

One of these six guys will be featured in tomorrow’s story. The topic is off the beaten path and I think that will be a little refreshing because we’re all spending so much time talking about the labor situation and looking ahead to the draft. We’ll get right back to those topics soon after the story posts and maybe even before it.

But this one’s different and fun. It’s not really about football. If you like the military or aviation, this might be particularly interesting. Also, it’s a look into the mind of one of the smartest NFC South players I’ve ever run across. Hope you enjoy it.

All right, time for me to get back to work on our lockout preview for later in the week.