Let's all go to law school

One of the reasons I dropped out of law school many years ago was because I found it incredibly boring.

I’ve never regretted that decision one bit because it led to a much more exciting career. But, as we prepare for a possible lockout, I suddenly feel like I’m back in law school and it feels like I’m reading legal textbooks again.

This time around, I’m finding the reading much more interesting, mainly because it’s all related to football and it’s all related to how legalities could impact my life and the lives of football fans everywhere over the next few months.

So let’s go ahead and give you your reading assignment for the day as we all get ready to enter a unique period in which court rooms could be the NFL's new playing fields.

First, I highly recommend you read Lester Munson’s detailed article about the labor situation. In fact, print it out and keep it handy because it answers all sorts of questions that we might be asking for months. Besides, in my opinion, Munson's a much better writer than the people who write the legal textbooks. He puts things in terms that are understandable.

Next, take a look at our NFL Labor Negotiations page, particularly the section on frequently-asked questions. It’s there that you can find out the technical differences between a lockout and a strike.