Making the HOF case for Rickey Jackson

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

In the year or so since ESPN.com started this blog network, I've gotten a steady stream of questions from Saints' fans asking why linebacker Rickey Jackson isn't in the Hall of Fame.

That's why Jackson's name popped quickly to mind this afternoon when one of my editors approached me about a future assignment. It's for our Double Coverage feature, in which two writers debate a topic. The concept for this future installment was to take a player from my division who has been overlooked for the Hall of Fame and debate his case against that of another player from another division.

I know the basics on Jackson: He was a great linebacker and part of a great unit with Pat Swilling and Sam Mills.

But here's where you (Saints fans) come in: Help me out, so I can make as strong a case for Jackson as possible. Write to my mailbag and tell me why Jackson belongs in the Hall of Fame. I'm not sure yet who the other debater will be or who he will be making a case for. That doesn't matter. Just go ahead and give me all the ammo you've got for Jackson.