Call It: Draft needs for Falcons

We already gave Carolina fans a chance to Call It on what the Panthers are going to do with their first-round pick.

We don’t want to short change the rest of the NFC South fans, so we’ll open up the polls for you Thursday morning. I’ll do posts on each team and you can vote on the biggest draft needs for the Falcons, Buccaneers and Saints.

Obviously, they’re all picking from No. 20 on, so it’s not the same as the Panthers, where we knew that every player in the draft is available at No. 1. We’ll have to see how things unfold on draft night to know exactly who’s available when the Buccaneers, Saints and Falcons get to pick.

That’s why we won’t list specific players in the poll. Instead, we’ll let you voice your opinion on what each team needs most.

Most draft experts are saying the Falcons will use their top pick on a defensive end or a wide receiver. But this team has some other needs that could come into play.

Look them over and cast your vote for Atlanta’s biggest draft need. We’ll have polls up for the Saints and Buccaneers a little later this morning.