Tuesday afternoon mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Time for a quick mailbag.

Ricky in Naples, Fla. writes: Almost as overrated as Jason Sehorn? Are you nuts? Mike Alstott energized an entire stadium, guaranteed a first down on 3rd and 1, and made a name for himself when very little fullbacks do so. He could catch, run, block...an asset to any team. I agree with you 100% on Seahorn, I've been saying it for years, however, I sincerely disagree with you on this one my man.

Pat Yasinskas: We can disagree -- that's part of the game. I said Alstott was a very good player. He's certainly a fan favorite here in Tampa Bay and always has been a solid citizen. But there's also a perception this guy is on a Hall of Fame level. He's not. Yes, he had some nice runs and not many fullbacks can do that (or get the chance to do that) these days. But Alstott was a fullback and fullbacks are supposed to be great blockers, first and foremost. You really think Alstott was a great blocker? I don't.

Nate in Rock Hill, S.C. writes: Where do you think Duke Robinson will figure in on the Panther's OL this year? Do you think he'll get some substantial playing time?

Pat Yasinskas: One of the reasons the Panthers drafted Robinson was to give them some depth and flexibility on the offensive line. That used to be a strength, but the departures of Geoff Hangartner and Frank Omiyale left the depth a little thin. Carolina has an excellent starting five, but Robinson could play a big role if there are any injuries.

Lloyd in Louisiana writes: Drew Brees should get the top nod for QB for the all NFC South team. If there is any NFC South QB who can carry a team all by himself (meaning he has little to no help - no defense) it is Brees. He has shown he can the past 2 seasons.

Pat Yasinskas: No argument here. I would have taken Brees if I were picking the NFC South's all-decade offense. He's the best quarterback in the division and has been since he joined the Saints. But readers were picking the team and they, narrowly, elected Jake Delhomme. It's a pretty safe assumption they were looking at Delhomme's longer track record in the NFC South.

Charles in Metairie, La. writes: Since Derrick Brooks is still available and the Saints needing help at linebacker is there any way the Saints could sign him? Even though he is getting older he can still play well.

Pat Yasinskas: Charles, I've been saying for months the Saints should sign Brooks. Fans have been saying the same thing. But nothing has happened and all indications are the Saints aren't interested. If they were, I think they would have signed Brooks by now. Sad to say, but it's looking more and more like retirement for the greatest player in the history of the NFC South.

ATLJBO in Atlanta writes: We all know about Mike Peterson but i feel like Curtis Lofton and Stephen Nicholas are going to have eye opening years. What are your thoughts on Stephen Nicholas and Curtis Lofton?

Pat Yasinskas: I'm with you on that. Lofton did a very nice job as a rookie and the Falcons plan to make him an every-down linebacker. I see him emerging as the leader of that defense and he has more upside. Nicholas is the guy I'm really excited to see this year. He had some family issues last season. The Falcons worked with him through a rough period and Stephen's son is healthy now. I look for him to have a very big year.