Random NFC South thoughts, notes

Some random thoughts and a couple of notes on a Monday evening.

Watching Roddy White run wild on Twitter makes me wish the technology had been invented back when Todd Sauerbrun was punting for the Carolina Panthers. White’s got a habit of saying way too much. Sauerbrun, who was nicknamed “Stifler’’ after the character in the “American Pie’’ movies by his teammates, had absolutely no filter and would say the first thing that popped into his mind in the exact way he thought it. He would have taken Twitter to a whole different level and the Gramatica brothers should be glad this thing wasn’t around back when Sauerbrun was in the league and relevant.

  • Speaking of White and Twitter, I’m going to make a prediction. Most of you know that’s something I generally avoid, but I feel pretty confident in this one. Once the lockout ends, the very first thing Atlanta coach Mike Smith is going to do is call White into his office and somebody will be told to stop tweeting.

  • The NFL just sent out its pre-draft release. Nothing newsy in there, just the basic information of when and where the draft will be held and broadcast, the list of compensatory picks and the order for the first round. But the one small item I thought was worth a quick reminder has to do with the time between picks. In the first round, it’s 10 minutes per selection. In the second round, it’s seven minutes. In rounds three through seven, it’s five minutes per pick.

  • The deeper I get into draft stuff, the more I wonder why the first name “Cameron’’ was such a big deal roughly 21 years ago. I mean, just look at any list of top prospects and you’re going to see Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, California defensive end Cameron Jordan and Ohio State defensive end Cameron Heyward. Was Kirk Cameron on “Growing Pains,’’ which ended in 1992, really that big a deal?

  • For those in Charlotte, I’m scheduled to do a radio interview with 730 AM at approximately 5:15 p.m. Tuesday. Speaking of radio and the Carolinas, I’ll be appearing with our friends on Cat Crave Radio in an edition that’s scheduled to go up Wednesday.

  • A reminder that the entire NFL schedule is supposed to be released Tuesday. As soon as we see the complete package, we’ll have analysis on what each of the four NFC South teams will be facing.