Intrigue in the draft's second round?

The National Football League announced that it will let 32 former players announcing picks, starting in the second round, during next week’s NFL draft.

The plan is for the former players to announce second-round picks, but the Carolina Panthers fall into a little different territory since they don’t, at the moment at least, have a second-round pick. Instead, they’ll have former fullback Brad Hoover announcing their third-round pick.

The representatives for the other three NFC South teams are scheduled to announce picks in the second round. Former linebacker Jessie Tuggle will do it for the Atlanta Falcons. Retired offensive tackle Willie Roaf will make the announcement for the New Orleans Saints.

In yet another sign that Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden are long gone from the Buccaneers, retired safety John Lynch will represent Tampa Bay. Speaking of Allen and guys who have had unceremonious partings with the Bucs, I’m wondering if there’s a little mind game going on behind the scenes.

The alumni representatives are listed in alphabetical order by the teams’ cities or regions. Two spots beneath the Buccaneers, I looked to see who the Washington Redskins will be represented by. Remember, Allen is now Washington’s general manager.

Well, Doug Williams, who didn’t have a great parting with Tampa Bay general manager Mark Dominik when he left the team’s personnel department last year, will be representing the Redskins.