Your call: NFC South top picks

Let’s take a quick look back at our Call It polls for the Falcons, Saints, Buccaneers and Panthers a few days ago. Using the ESPN.com blog network mock draft as a guide for who would be available, I gave you four choices for each team.

Each group of choices included the guy I picked in the mock draft and three alternatives. Looks like we’re all in some sort of agreement. Let’s run through what voters had to say for each of the four NFC South teams.

We’ll start with the Falcons because this is the closest race. As of a little earlier this afternoon, voters had receiver Jonathan Baldwin and linebacker Akeem Ayers tied at 29 percent. Receiver Torrey Smith was right behind them at 27 percent and offensive tackle Nate Solder had 15 percent. Remember, defensive end is still a possibility here, but that would probably require someone falling who did not fall in our mock.

Those who voted on the Saints’ pick were the only ones who strongly disagreed with what I did in the mock draft. I took defensive end Adrian Clayborn at No. 24. He’s second in the voting at 25 percent. But fans are calling for running back Mark Ingram, who has 42 percent of the vote. I wouldn’t rule that one out.

In our mock draft, I took defensive end Justin Houston at No. 20 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Voters seem to agree because Houston leads the vote with 34 percent, although Clayborn is right on his heels. Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers wasn’t available in the mock draft, but it’s sounding more and more like it’s possible he’ll be there for the Buccaneers. Not sure if they’ll take him because there is a reason he seems to be falling (concerns about his knee), but he’s a talented player who might be worth the risk.

Speaking of talented players who might be worth the risk, that brings us to the voting from Carolina fans. They’ve got quarterback Cam Newton leading with 38 percent of the vote. He’s the guy I picked in our mock and, barring a last-minute surprise, I’m pretty sure Newton will be the guy the Panthers pick tonight. Cornerback Patrick Peterson is second with 24 percent and defensive tackle Marcell Dareus has 23 percent.

By the way, the polls are technically still open right up until each team makes it pick. If you haven't voted, feel free to go back and do so. Not sure it will have any impact on what your team does, but at least you'll have the chance to voice your opinion.