Vick's UFL debut could be Oct. 10

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

A warning to those who hit the mailbag with complaints every time the NFC South blog posts an item about Michael Vick: Turn your head because the NFC South blog is about to post another item on Michael Vick.

If you're still reading, I want to claim Vick about as much as Arthur Blank wanted to. The difference is Blank had a choice. I don't. Until Vick signs with another team, outside the NFC South, he's still part of my job. I'll make this as quick and painless as possible and follow up quickly with another post so this item doesn't spend much time at the top of the blog.

The hook here is that the United Football League announced its inaugural schedule Thursday. If Vick ends up in this league, which looks more possible each day, his first game probably would be Oct. 10. As a player released by an NFC South team, Vick's rights would fall to the Florida franchise that is headquartered in Orlando. Coach Jim Haslett already has made it clear he'd welcome Vick.

The Florida team opens at home against the New York franchise. Here's the complete UFL schedule, complete with information on what network will televise each game.

Oct. 8 S.F.-Las Vegas 9:00pm Versus
Oct. 10 N.Y.-Florida 7:00pm HDNet
Oct. 14 Florida-Las Vegas 9:00pm Versus
Oct. 17 N.Y.-S.F. 9:00pm HDNet
Oct. 22 S.F.-Florida 7:00pm Versus
Oct. 29 S.F.-N.Y. 7:00pm Versus
Oct. 30 Las Vegas-Florida 7:00pm HDNet
Nov. 4 Las Vegas-N.Y. 7:00pm Versus
Nov. 12 Las Vegas-S.F. 9:00pm Versus
Nov. 14 Florida-N.Y. 7:00pm HDNet
Nov. 19 Florida-S.F. 9:00pm Versus
Nov. 20 N.Y.-Las Vegas 9:00pm HDNet
Nov. 27 Championship 3:00pm Versus