Around the NFC South

Let's take a run through some headlines around the NFC South.

Tampa Bay defensive end Kyle Moore makes it sound like it’s going to cost rookie Adrian Clayborn some money to get his jersey (No. 94). Moore better get as much as he can because the arrival of Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers means he’s not even guaranteed a roster spot. Of course, if Moore had produced more than zero sacks in his two-year career, he might have a guaranteed roster spot and his jersey number might be safe because the Bucs might not have felt the urgency to go out and draft two defensive ends.

Joe Person has projected the depth chart for the Carolina Panthers. I’ve only got one small disagreement with him. I’d go ahead and slide Cam Newton straight up to No. 1 at quarterback. If there is a veteran on the way, it’s not going to be anyone who is a serious candidate to start over Newton and Jimmy Clausen. The only way the Panthers open the season with a veteran is if the lockout wipes out all or most of training camp and Newton and Clausen have had virtually no time to work in the new offensive scheme. If there is a normal training camp, I'm not sure the Panthers even carry a veteran on the roster. They also have second-year pro Tony Pike, who they invested a draft pick in last year.

Nice gesture by the Buccaneers on Saturday night as they honored Derrick Brooks with a formal retirement party. This was a big step in mending a relationship that was fractured when the Bucs released Brooks in 2009. There has been some thawing, but there still needs to be more. The Bucs need a friendly relationship with the best player in franchise history and Brooks needs to start embracing the team again. No sense in going through life with bitterness in your heart (see Doug Williams). Matter of fact, if things keep going the way they currently are, I think Brooks gets into the team's Ring of Honor before Williams.

Chris Harris has a list of his top-10 rookies for fantasy purposes. Mark Ingram, Julio Jones and Cam Newton all are on the list.

Heath Evans wrote an op-ed piece for The Huffington Post. If this seems like an unusual place for the fullback of the New Orleans Saints to surface, give his article a read. It’s not the usual football story, not even close.

The Saints are getting together for some workouts at Tulane University. As you might have guessed, quarterback Drew Brees is running the show. Josh Freeman's been leading a similar effort for the Bucs.