Hitting the NFC South links

Time for a trip through the headlines on what’s been a surprisingly busy day here in the NFC South.

  • The man who sent shock waves through New Orleans earlier Thursday when he was quoted as saying the Saints were “in play’’ for a possible relocation to Toronto now has apologized for his remarks. He said he heard a “rumor’’ that the Saints could be a relocation candidate. A lot of times, there is fire, where there is smoke. But the Saints flatly denied there’s anything going on and there’s no reason to doubt them. They’re in a great situation right now. Five or six years ago, I wouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss this one.

  • Here’s yet another report that Steve Smith wants to be traded away from Carolina. This one’s a little more specific in that it says Smith wants to go to San Diego or Oakland. I can see some logic because Smith is from the Los Angeles area and San Diego would be close to home. But when’s the last time anybody asked to be traded to the Raiders? Anyway, the point remains moot until the lockout is over.

  • In this Insider post, KC Joyner, who can break down the numbers with the best of them, writes about how rookie receiver Julio Jones can make an instant impact on Atlanta’s offense.

  • The players couldn’t participate due to the lockout, but a group of Falcons’ employees, led by owner Arthur Blank, general manager Thomas Dimitroff and coach Mike Smith helped build a playground near the Georgia Dome.

  • I’m really starting to warm up to Atlanta’s selection of kicker/punter Matt Bosher in the sixth round of the draft. I’m sure he can boot a football, but I’m liking him because his family is from the same neck of the woods I grew up in and his grandfather was a sports writer.

  • Teams can’t sign undrafted players while the lockout remains in place. But Charlie Campbell took the time to point out 10 guys the Bucs might have their eyes on.

  • We’ve shown you some video featuring New Orleans players gathering for a large workout. But let’s turn to friends Jeff Duncan and Mike Triplett for a full-scale analysis.