Call It: When does lockout end?

For the past few months, the question I get most from readers (and even family and friends, who repeatedly are told they’ve got a three-minute window to talk football when I see them) is almost always the same.

“When is the lockout going to end?’’ they ask.

I don’t know the answer and I often ask myself the same question. The whole labor situation is distasteful to a lot of fans, but everyone still wants to know if this mess is going to last into the regular season.

I just looked over on our main NFL page and the fine folks at SportsNation have a poll up, asking readers when they think the lockout will end. I emailed the folks over at SportsNation to get clearance to borrow their poll for the NFC South blog and they gladly shared it.

Take a look at the choices to the right and cast your vote. For the record, I’m casting mine for July. Maybe I’m optimistic, but I think a lot of what we’ve been seeing from owners and players is posturing.

I think when things get closer to the opening of training camps, the sense of urgency will kick in and a deal will get done. Let’s hear your thoughts with your vote and in the comments section below.