View from above: Best NFC South players

During the NFL lockout, it seems like every media outlet has done its share of lists.

We’ve done a considerable amount of that here with our Power Rankings series and some other projects. I’ve seen similar things done elsewhere, but let’s go outside the box. Or at least outside the country.

Let’s go up to Canada. My friend Brad Gagnon, who just might be the best NFL writer north of the border, came up with a list of the top 100 players. It’s as good as any list I’ve seen and it’s fairly generous to the NFC South.

Fourteen players from the division made the list and here’s where they ranked:

A few thoughts on the rankings. No doubt Brees is a top-10 player, but I’d put him in the top five. I’d also put White somewhere in the top 20. I really like the selection of Nicks at No. 26, well ahead of teammate and fellow guard Evans. There are scouts around the league who will tell you Nicks moved ahead of Evans last year. I’ve got no issue with where Ryan and Freeman sit at the moment, but I think they could move up quite a bit during this season. I also think Jenkins is another guy who will make a big climb this year.