NFC South programming notes

Thursday could be a huge day in NFL history. There’s a chance players and owners could vote separately to ratify a new labor agreement that would bring the lockout to an end and allow training camps to start on time.

We’ll be awaiting news throughout the day. If there is an agreement, we’ll roll out a package on how each NFC South team is sitting coming out of the lockout. Those items have been written for some time now and we’ll hit the button to make them live instantly if there is word of a deal. Once we find out the rules of free agency, we’ll also have a package that previews what each NFC South team may do in free agency.

At the moment, I haven’t made any travel plans for my training camp tour. I won’t do that until there’s a deal and we get official camp schedules from each team. But, most likely, I’ll kick off my camp tour in Spartanburg, S.C. Last year, I opened with the Saints because they were the defending champions and the biggest story in the NFC South. This year, Carolina’s in the spotlight because the Panthers have quarterback Cam Newton, who was the No. 1 pick in the draft, and his first camp practice will be a huge story.

As we wait for news, we’ve got something else planned. Early this afternoon, we’ll roll out a project in which all eight division bloggers get a chance to play commissioner for a day. We each get one wish and mine isn’t directly related to the NFC South. It’s about where the NFL should go next if it decides to relocate a team or expand. I’ll give you one clue here. The league should just forget about Los Angeles.

Also, looking ahead to Friday, we’ll have our weekly NFC South chat. It’s scheduled for 1 p.m. ET. Here’s the link to get you to the chat.