Delivering the mail on a Sunday

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

In the latest installment of the mailbag, we talk about whether or not Reggie Bush is a bust, jump all around the NFC South and even talk a little about the Seahawks. Here it is:

Ricky in Nashville writes: WHY! Why is it that off all the players that came into the NFL the year Bush was drafted, he is the only one labeled a "Bust" I don't understand it. He has had a reasonable career. Nothing to claim HOF yet but there is a certian someone that was drafted right behind him that has BUST pasted to his forehead. Vince Young is one of the most overrated QB's in the NFL. His first year was "reasonable" but when you start 16 games your 2nd year and you throw nearly 2 times as many INTs as TDs there has to be something wrong. Not to mention only having a 6 YPA for the year. Why is it that Bush is the only player from that draft a bust?

Pat Yasinskas: Very good question. I think it's too early to call Reggie Bush a bust, but I know some people have that perception. You're right, his career so far has been reasonable. But he came in with incredible hype and people expected him to be the next Barry Sanders. That hasn't happened. But I think this year will be better for Bush. Let's wait and see what happens this season before judging him.

Ronald in Lynchburg, VA writes: Do you see the Falcons making any moves and grabbing some of the big name final cut casualties?

Pat Yasinskas: Anything's possible and I'd like to see them get a cornerback. But I wouldn't look for a lot of moves or big names. This is a team that's committed to rebuilding with young players.

Wafic writes: Do you think that the Panthers have a change at the playoffs?, and what do you think their record will be?

Pat Yasinskas: Yes, with a healthy Jake Delhomme, the Panthers definitely have a chance. But so do the Saints and Bucs.

Someone who didn't give their name in New Orleans writes: Do you Pat believe the Saints can use Gustav as motivational response to the season? How do you believe the secondary will hold up? I think the linebacking corp should be a phenom and same goes for the d-line.

Pat Yasinskas: I'm just hoping for the best for everyone in the path of Hurricane Gustav. We'll see what the impact is on New Orleans. The Saints were a rallying point for the whole region after Hurricane Katrina. The fan base is stronger than ever and that won't change. As far as the secondary, I think the additions of Tracy Porter and Randall Gay will help a lot.

Vince in Raleigh writes: I understand the panthers trading for a backup QB, but did they jump the gun trading a day before final roster cuts? Someone like Simms from Tampa Bay could have fallen in their laps without having to trade away a draft pick. They will already be without a first rounder next year, and it just appears to me that they could have waited until final roster cuts seen if anyone was available, and if not then make the trade.

Pat Yasinskas: You make a very good point. The Panthers could have had their pick of a bunch of quarterback who were cut. But the price tag on Josh McCown was only a seventh-round draft pick. My question is, if the Panthers wanted someone with experience, why didn't they go out and get a quarterback in free agency? Instead, they went through an entire offseason with Jake Delhomme, Moore and Brett Basanez. McCown has to learn a whole new offense very quickly.

Jeremy, Olympia WA writes: Hey Pat, thanks for picking the Seahawks to win the NFC Championship. I know there was at least one ESPN guy to be as smart as I am.

Dylan in Seattle writes: In the experts predictions for who wins each division/championship/Super Bowl, you were the only one to list Seattle as winning the NFC championship. Why do you think they have such a good shot at going that deep in the playoffs this year?

Pat Yasinskas: As with any prediction, it's only a prediction and really doesn't mean anything. But I'm just playing a hunch. I think the teams in the other NFC divisions will beat each other up. The Seahawks shouldn't have that problem in the NFC West. I also think they'll rally around Mike Holmgren in his final season.

Lee in Cherryville, NC writes: I'd like to preface this by saying that I'm a Panthers fan above all else. However, after that I'm an Appalachian fan and alum (I'm going to watch them beat LSU Saturday). I know how good Dexter Jackson was for us at App and everyone saw that at Michigan. He fell off the media radar after the draft and I haven't heard anything lately? How's that blazing speed fairing on the Bucs? I wish the panthers would have gotten him, but the Bucs saw that Mountaineer skill and grabbed him real early.

Pat Yasinskas: Your question was sent before Thursday night when Jackson had an 83-yard punt return for a touchdown and also was used creatively at wide receiver. Before that, Jackson hadn't shown much and had a very quiet camp and preseason. But Thursday was a demonstration of his potential. You'll see him right away as a return man. He'll probably be the fourth or fifth receiver, but the Bucs will put in a package of plays for him to try to take advantage of his speed.

Sharell in Raleigh, NC writes: The Falcons secondary is extremely young. Do you think they should try to go for Lito Shepherd?

Pat Yasinskas: I don't think the Eagles will let Lito go. But I do think the Falcons could use a cornerback with some experience. I'd look for them to bring in someone who just got cut elsewhere today or tomorrow.

Rich in Ft. Myers, FL writes: Why is nobody mentioning Michael Bennett when they talk about our backs? I thinks hes looked incredible, even against first team Defenses.

Pat Yasinskas: You're right, Michael Bennett had an excellent preseason. I think you'll see plenty of him this year. The coaches are all fired up about him and I think you'll see a mix of Earnest Graham, Bennett and Warrick Dunn at running back.