Payton confident Brees' deal coming

As he discussed his contract extension that was announced earlier Monday, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton said his deal isn’t tied to any pending extension for quarterback Drew Brees.

There have been reports that the Saints and Brees have had talks about a contract extension. Payton confirmed that.

“The two didn’t really cross over at all,’’ Payton said after Monday’s practice. “They’re really two separate entities. I know that there have been discussions. I’m not really in that loop per se in regards to a player’s contract like (general manager) Mickey (Loomis) would be and yet we have full confidence that it’s coming. This really wasn’t tied to that. It could have very easily happened in a different order. Like I said, I think the contract that we did with the club is a little bit simpler and less complicated than that would be of a player such as Drew Brees.”

Make no mistake, though, Payton fully expects Brees to be sticking around for the long term. Payton and Brees have as good a relationship as any coach and quarterback in the league.

“There’s an order of business,’’ Payton said. “Mickey’s done a great job with that. It’s been a busy month and a half when you look at not only the team and free agency, and then the final cut-down the last 48 hours. This is something that had been ongoing for a while and it worked out rely well. I know with the way Mickey operates, he’ll have a very diligent list and focus his efforts on a contract such as Drew Brees’ and that’s just kind of the way he’s been able to operate and it’s been extremely beneficial to our success.”