Buccaneers back in lead in cap space

As the regular season approaches, we’ve got the latest NFC South salary-cap figures.

After trailing the Kansas City Chiefs in cap space for most of the preseason, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are back in the league lead. They have a little over $28 million in available space. The Bucs have hinted they’re going to extend the contracts of some of their players (Josh Freeman?). That’s the only spending spree you’re going to see out of the Bucs, who have $5 million more in cap space than second-place Buffalo.

The rest of the NFC South is pretty tight against the cap, although the Falcons, Panthers and Saints each have enough room to make some moves if they have some injury issues.

The Saints are right about $4 million under the cap. The Falcons have $3.7 million and the Panthers have $3.1 million.